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A simple test of the EGR can be done with the car OFF by removing the vacuum line, pressing the diaphram in, then blocking the inlet with your finger and releasing the diaphram. It should stay in until you remove your finger.

Remember though, your EGR valve is constantly being tested by the computer in your car. If it ever fails this test, you will see the check engine light and a code 32 will be reported on the OBD screen. (OBD1)

The EGR test occurs while you are driving and these conditions exist:
  1. Vehicle speed is between 16-32 mph
  2. Vehicle is coasting
  3. Throttle angle is at 0%
  4. Transmission is in 3rd or 4th gear
  5. Manifold pressure is within certain range for barometric pressure (email me if you MUST have these values )
  6. No change in AC status
  7. No DTC 21,22,24,33,34 exist
  8. All above conditions continue for 2.5 seconds
When this happens the computer signals the EGR valve "ON". If there is not a minimum 1.3kPa change in manifold pressure within 1.5 seconds of this signal, the test fails and you will get the check engine light.
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