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I have found many times that when the egr code is set, that in fact the valve does no need to be replaced, but rather removed and cleaned. there is a lot of carbon build up on the needle of the valve and sometimes it will stick open or closed because the carbon having a greater hold on the needle than the pressure exerted on the top of the needle from the diaphram. I would suggest taking the egr valve off and spraying it down with a good amout of carb cleaner and working the needle back and forth several times, once it is nice and clean perform a vaccume test on it by either a vacume pump or the above test witht he finger over the hole. If it holds vaccume reinstall it and disconnect your battery for 30 seconds and then reconnect it, take it for a drive and see if it fixes the problem. If this fails, then go and purchase a new valve, I would suggest a dealer part, because aftermarket egr valves are garbage and will go bad in much less time than a gm one. I have attached a picture of a generic egr valve just so you can easily identify it on your intake.


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