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What do u guys think?

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Hey guys, Im going on a trip saturday , once im back Im having a maggie put in with an upgraded 3.2 pulley , my buddy with an 03 cobra wants to go to the strip with me a couple weeks after I get back to have a race or 2, How do you think ill do? i realize ill get owned off the line But i wanna get a feel mayb for how ill do on a roll.

My mods when I race him:
Magnuson Supercharger w/ upgraded 3.2 pulley
Wheel hop kit(BMR)
UUC aluminum Flywheel
Short throw shifter
Dyno tune
20 inch rims, 275 width street tires(i realise the rims slow me down a bit)

His mods:

2.8 Pulley
Nitto drag radials(stock width)
Short throw
He may have an intake and exhaust by then...

I know it maybe hard to tell but I was hoping for a rough estimation, assuming both drivers are equally experienced.
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Based on my experience, you will have him on the roll with a maggie. I tied on the second race. (45 mph) It was a S/C 93 Cobra. Closed road out in the desert so no times. I got smoked on the first roll at 30 mph when I was still learning how to shift. I am basically stock, no maggie. So I went home happy.
with an upgraded 3.2 pulley
What's that?

I didn't know there was anything over a 2.6?:lildevil:
haha yeah i talked to magnuson and they told me anything below 3.2 was running serious risk of blown pistons rear diff ect... whats ur opinion on it?
I think from a stop you'll run him down.
haha yeah i talked to magnuson and they told me anything below 3.2 was running serious risk of blown pistons rear diff ect... whats ur opinion on it?


Very confused about that...

What year is your V? Is this a "new" Magna system for the LS2 or something? A 3.0" is pathetic (don't ask me why I know this). 2.8" is (well, I should say, *was*) standard, and the 2.6" was the "upgrade."

3.2"? Never heard of that.
on the 2006 magna charger the standard is 3.4
Is it an LS2, not able to handle the boost issue?
I bet an upgraded cam would allow you to handle more boost.
Talk to your tuner about that.

I hope you take that Cobra.
They have wheel hop issues too, so it should be close.
Pick up a couple wheels on ebay and mount some drag radials.
With what you're already spending what's another 1K?'ll be a pretty good race. I hate to say it, but at the track, he'll probably get you due to the drag radials. My buddy had a fairly stock '03 Cobra (intake, and Bassani exhaust) and went from a consistent 13.1 to best of 12.56 @ 116 after throwing drag radials on. Invest in $10 worth of ice and a towell from your local Quicky-Mart on the way...cooling that maggie down between runs is key! Like lunarx said, pick up a cheap set of wheels and throw on some drag radials as well, to even out the playing field...provided the diff holds up, you'll own him!! :lildevil:

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he said something about the way the pulley had to be mounted the supercharger ran a larger pulley, however it stil came with 6 lbs of boost stock
turns out the first 2 guys I spoke to go the info completely wrong so i had them cancel the order for the 3.2, it comes with a 2.9(thats what the guy i just talked to said). They said they dont make a 2.6 for it, anyone know were I can get one for that kit?
Anyone seen my thread on the Maggie Belt slip/alignment? So i think my maggie is 50% 2004 and 50% 2007. The jackshaft is really thick now and has no flat spot for a 2nd wrench to hold the jackshaft while working on th epulley. My pulleys are not lining up with the 2.8 so who knows maybe they did change something. I have that 2.6 laying around....maybe i should give it a shot. Not sure about grinding down my nice new jackshaft housing though.....
Just talked to David at Magnuson. So 2.9" is the new stock pulley size and they do now have a kit for the LS2 CTS-V's (if anyone was wondering). So when they upgraded mine and put the 2.8 back on i guess that's why it didn't work? He said the offset's were the same though so he doesn't know why they aren't lining up. Oh well, im installing a boost gauge this weekend so the 2.9" better not deprive me of my boost! No 4psi for me!!!

Sorry to jack your thread good luck on the race! Wish those damn cobras had wimpy rears too!
haha np, he said it would do roughely 5.5 lbs boost on the 2.9 pulley which is why I wanna kick that up a bit, but yeah I dunno how Ill do vs him on the 1/4 mile but I think ill get him from a roll
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