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I've had a 65 C de V convertible for many years and want to upgrade the brakes to discs. The car is substantially as built by the factory, and I don't want to hack it up or go in for radical mods.

Appears that Cadillac did not offer discs until 1968, and then it was an option. In 69, discs became standard. Reviewing the parts numbers for pads, calipers, bearings and the like, it appears that the "first generation" Cadillac disc brake design was used from 1968 to 1970. Bearings might have the same diameters as used in 65, so there is a possibility that the same spindle was used.

Would anticipate having to intall a different master cylinder (probably) and the disc brake proportioning valve, as well as all disk brake plumbing.


Does anyone know if 68-70 disc brakes would bolt onto a 65 without major modifications?

Would the spindle have to be changed out? Tie rods?

Would the same wheels work? The 65 caps are sensitive to the type of wheel used, and I've found only 65 or 66 wheels will hold them. Want to keep it stock in appearance.


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