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Well im back, thought the problem was taken care of but NOOOOOOOOOOO. My car has a mind of its own. When I dont have the tecron addative in my tank, it sputters like spiting (but doesnt throw a misfire code) at around 60 everyonce in a while, It will go days without doing it and when driving around town it doesnt do it. I just had 1 of my catalatic converters replaced and it was causing misfire codes * I found that this could occure on a site that shows tech notes from gm * but it took care of my misfires and seemed to lesten the sputters. I only replaced one converter should I replace both ? is it possible they were both bad and I only took care of 1/2 of the prob? or could it be injectors or something else? I am also having symptoms of a bad a/c computer module could it all be related? what would make the TECRON addative take away the problem temporarily? im lost..........Please HELP
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