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Just me again spreeding my cars plauges into this forum, I just got it back from the shop after they replaced valve cover gaskets and i need a new coil pack due to mass misfires, so im not sure if its all related. The new noise is from around the drivers floor board to tranny pan area. My question is, if it is the transmission what could make it rattle like this without affecting shifting/performance in any way. The noise it is making gives me the sound of loose exhaust, but i cant pinpoint it. Tonight im gonna get it on jack stands and check the fluid and try to narrow it down..the noise seems to be related to my rpms. If the car is in park, neutral,drive, or reverse it makes the same exact noise when I give it gas. If it was my transmission wouldnt it have a shifting problem or stop when it was in park or neutral? or toss a code? Does anyone know what could cause the tranny to do this?
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