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Im still dreaming of someday having a CTS. Im curious though, what changes each year from 2003 to 2004, to 2005 etc. I've tried googeling but im not finding much info so far as to what the difference is between each year.

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Engine/Trans/Diff/Suspension/Brakes Changes
2003 -3.2L V6
-5 spd 5L40E auto (3.43 gears)
-5 spd Getrag manual (3.73 gears, non-LSD)
2004 -3.6L V6 added (only used with 5 spd 5L40E auto, 3.43)
-3.2L V6 only used with 5 spd Getrag manual (3.73 gears, non-LSD)
-3.43 LSD available mid-cycle
2005 -2.8L V6 added for 05
-6 spd Aisin manual added
-3.2L dropped
-3.73 gears non-LSD dropped
2006 - manumatic shift replaces sport and winter buttons
-larger front brakes, high performance brake pads, stainless brake lines, strut tower brace available

Interior Changes
-2003, the color of the centre console/center armrest was always charcoal grey, matching the dash. 2004+ the centre console/center armrest matched the primary color, whether it was black, tan, or grey
-2004, Charcoal grey replaced with Ebony black
-2005, redesigned guage cluster
-2006, polished door sills available
-additional woodwork added to dash, and centre console around gear shift, manumatic function added

Exterior Changes
-2004 On-Star antenna redesigned and moved
translucent rear bezel replaced with body colored bezel
-2005 - new 17's offered
-2006 - sport grill, side skirts, spoiler, 18" wheels and exhuast tips added

Electronics/Luxuries changes
-2004 DVD-Nav replaces CD-NAV
-2004 power lumbar supported added
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