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97 Deville, 08 Envoy, 88 Lx Stang (Gone But Never Forgotten)
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I took on the adventure of changing my Crossover coolant pipe or Water pump housing assembly gaskets. WHAT A Royal PITA!!!!! Well then again it really wasnt all that bad just have move a lot of goodies and what a [email protected]#$h of time it is to get at the low end bolts!!! BUt when you take your time it is a very satisfing feeling you get of accomplishing this major project. The whole time I was doing I was telling myself just imagine the cost at a Dealership??????

Started the Caddy up at she purries like a kitten that has been given so tender loviong care!!!

Wow cant stop smiling. Just knowing i congured this major job for my first time working on a caddy is amazing....

Thanks to all that have advised me on how and what to expect tackling this project.
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