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Wha' happened to the board!?!?

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I'm gone a couple days, return the other day & avitars/names are not where I want them (beside the post, not above it), clicking on a smilie to insert it into a post does nothing, & clicking on "[More]" (to get to the big page of smilies) also does NOTHING. I've been into my control panel a couple times, settings have NOT been changed, yet the board behaves as though I have NO control.

Anyone else have this problem using Firefox, or could it be something on my end (something I highly doubt, but you NEVER KNOW with these wonderful electronic marvels)?

Just tried to attach a pic & THAT won't work either! :annoyed:
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Elvis said:
I did the same thing, avatars still on top. I liked them on the left side too. I double-checked the setting in my profile, it hasn't changed from before. I don't get it. :hmm:
Trade ya.;)

I've always prefered setting my options to see the avatars underneath the name, and the option is there still to adjust that, but it still stays on the side.....

no biggie though...
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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