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Wha' happened to the board!?!?

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I'm gone a couple days, return the other day & avitars/names are not where I want them (beside the post, not above it), clicking on a smilie to insert it into a post does nothing, & clicking on "[More]" (to get to the big page of smilies) also does NOTHING. I've been into my control panel a couple times, settings have NOT been changed, yet the board behaves as though I have NO control.

Anyone else have this problem using Firefox, or could it be something on my end (something I highly doubt, but you NEVER KNOW with these wonderful electronic marvels)?

Just tried to attach a pic & THAT won't work either! :annoyed:
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93fleetwoodlowlow said:
i have firefox and had the same problem. Sal told me to delete all my cookies and that should fix the it. i did that and it did fix it. good luck and hope you get it figured out.
OK, thanx! I'll do that when I shut down tonite.
OK, claered cookies & cleared cache last night. Now the smilies all work correctly, but I still can't move the names/avatars to the side. Curiuous... :hmm: Guess I'll just have to get used to it.

Thanx for such a nice place, Sal! I appreciate it!
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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