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2018 Escalade Premium Luxury
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Hi all,

With the rain we've been having, I noticed a towel that I had tossed in the trunk was wet. Not wring it out wet, but pretty soggy.

It was laying just under the fuel door on the driver's side. Rest of the trunk seemed fine, under the towel the trunk liner was wet too.

I noticed some silicone on the rubber gaskets above the rear sail panels, pretty crappy home fix it looks like. I don't see how the water would get that far back in the trunk if it was leaking there, but I guess anything is possible.

Whaddya think guys, sail panel gaskets? Trunk gasket? Both? Costs? I noticed some threads on trunk leaks, but nothing Concours specific. Any help on how to fix, and how to get rid of the awful stank that wafts into the cabin when the doors are closed for a while would be appreciated!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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