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Went to the Local Vette meet w/ the V.

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Its an all cars welcome gathering. Alot of people were scratching their heads. I have the Z06 covers on and there was one Vette owner that needed alot of convincing that the V had an LS6. The LS6 emblam he swore I put on there. The heads he swore were LS1 Heads. It took me and two others to convince him it was an LS6. He still had to look at another LS6 to see that my heads were the same. But damn did he have the nicest Vette there. People were so currious. It was a Blast.
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Its funny the first car show that I went to with my car I asked the vette guys to join their club and they basically told me to go play with the go carts! But I showed them when I left. The next show I has some new friends but they still wouldn't let me join. Bastards lol
I am taking mine to one on wednesday night.... should be fun.
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