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Well the pump is on, but my serpentine belt...what?

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Yeah so I finished up the car today and put in the new serpentine belt I bought. I dropped my dad off at the car place he took my mom's car to and on the highway on the way back I heard a weird clicking sound that persisted until about 5 blocks from my house. When I got home I immediately popped the hood and noticed the coolant reservoir was bubbling, and that the serpentine belt popped off (It was still in the car, just not on the pulleys). What would case the belt to do that?
And I just remembered that the power steering also went out a little before the clicking stopped, but the PS fluid container is full.
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1) Could be the wrong belt
2) Might not have the belt properly located on one of the pulleys - any side force on the belt will throw it off.
3) the tensioner could be losing it's strength allowing too much play in the belt.
I would suspect one of the first two to start with, it is very eazy to missl one pulley/belt position (belt not in the right set of grooves or too far trom center of the pulley drive surface.
Good luck!
Serpentine belt turns all the pumps including power steering one. No belt - no pwer assisted steering. Have some one to inspect the belt after installation.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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