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Well...Summer's here.

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102 degrees outside right now. I havn't been out there yet, but that's what the almighty internet says.


I knew I should have bought a car with AC instead of no roof...
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It's only 92 here at my house Spyder. Oh, and by the way, my calender says summer begins one week from today .... :rolleyes:
Ha. It was 58 today and I wore my leather coat for the first time in about 3 weeks. I love New England; if you don't like the weather, wait a minute...
Yeah, it was around 56 here today, and I was a little cold riding the bike this morning! I have the heater on right now! It's freakin' JUNE!!!!
Hahahaha...I've got a four wheel drive truck with a bench seat in the back and a roll bar on top. No A/C, but heaven to drive!

Onlyh gonna get hotter from here on out...and yes, I know some of ya'll will be even more so in the hot department...but I may be the first on here to reach a hundred and two... :D

Just means the girls on the river get nakeder faster!
Ya know Spyder, life aint all about neked girlies but a single guy your age probably can't hear that .... :rolleyes:

Enjoy the hot weather.
Nah, I know I know...first priority all summer is to find a real job. Career-type thing. I'm getting sick of the restuarant business and sure as hell don't want to be doing it forever. Right now I'm making a bunch of money, working two jobs around fifty or so hours a week and saving up for buying a house and all that good stuff...but you have to throw some enjoyment of life in there too, right? :) I just sometimes throw a little more enjoyment of life in than some of the others...
You need to move to Fairbanks. The temperature is in the 70s, the weather is severe clear, and it's daylight 24/7. We're supposed to have a thunder shower to water the grass a little later.
They're supposed to call and set up my inteviews and testing sometime in November. I'll be there for two weeks in January and if I pass the tests and interviews, and nothing else comes up before then...I'm in!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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