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So I have had my STS for about 1500 miles now, with 122k on the odo and i decided to check the oil....i changed it when i got it. The bastard was a little over half a quart low....damn the rapist, i guess i get to join the oil burning bandwagon. Its odd, no smoke whats-so-ever out the tips, or even a drop of oil on the pavement. Oh well, it runs like it was brand new, but now i am afraid to foot it because i might break something(if I blow up a motor in my honda, it take me 13 hours to fully swap in a new one and very little money) and these motors are a pain and alot of hard earned money to fix... Anyway, I know that it is VERY common for these to burn oil, but do i really need to drive it like an old lady because of it. Also, that damn "check oil level" on the dislpay come on every time i start the car. Its full of oil, so i just hit the reset info button to make it go sway until the nex time i start the car. Maybe there is an oil level sensor on the car that has gone bad, but if it did, I would think that it would do alot more than just make that reminder to come on, and more like put the car in limp mode or something... Thanks

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