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Well it is at the Dealer

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I finally Caved and took my 98 catera to the dealer. I first tried to fix it myself but it did not work. Then I took it to one repair shop and they could not figure out what is wrong so off to another repair shop hadno clue so off we go and tow it to the dealership. Now the best part the dealership has no clue as to what is wrong with the car :thepan:

So here is what is wrong with my car and please tell me if you know what might be wrong.
First before I tellyou what is worng here is what was fixed and done so far.
Camshaft Postion Sensor Changed
Crankshaft Postion Sensor Changed
Spark Plugs Changed
We have Spark
We have gas as we can here and smell and see gas coming from the gastank.
We have no codes and 4 different computers have check the car including the dealership. We are 95 % sure it is not the ECU as everything works on the car but will try to start but will not continue to run.
Per the dealer they are running into dead ends as to what is wrong with the car. So this is where I am looking for help her. I am scared to think as what is wrong with the car. If the dealer can not tell me what is wrong how the heck am I going to be able to fix my car???

So I am willing to take guess at this point ?

Thanks in advance,
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It looks like there are three of us with very similar symptoms and no one can tell us what it is. Wonderful.
I still think they should check the wiring in the steering column. Mine was broke 8" from the ingintion tumbler/security. The mechanic said he had seen a whole lot.
So the car want stay running? Is it loosing fuel or spark?
We already checked the wires and they are fine. One Shop said that we lose fuel and or spark after it does the start up then it is gone. Dealer said that everything they have tried is a dead end so if losing spark or fuel after it gets going I would think they would know where to go from there.
Sad part this car only has 71k miles on it :(
Something else my husband said to me. Is why not have the others if there car is at the dealership have thoses dealerships talk to each other and see if they can figure out what is going on with the car. I am up for it. Hey at this point if we have 3 cars at 3 differnent dealership, if they talk to each other they should have some clue as to what is going on right ???
My mechanic has yet to call me back. I was told it sounded like a fuel pump. We shall see. If I find anything out, I'll let you guys know! I just hit 80k miles by the way.
Update not much but at lease we are getting somewhere I hope. We now think it is the Key module that is located in the Key. They are cutting a new key and programing it and see if that works if not they will change out the modual on the car and prgram both and see if that works after that who knows so we should hear something tomorrow.
Well it was the key and 460 dollars later we drove off the lot only to get in a drive through line at McDonalds and the dang thing get a buzzing noise in the car I put it in park looking for the heck is gone on now and it dieds right in the drive through. Call the dealership and they tow it back and they are clueless as to what is going on and gave me a rental and will call me. I am so freaking mad at this car. It is like heck you fix the key what else can I break.
The dealership is tring to help so I am so freaking mad right now.
That sucks. I think they are not looking deep enough and offered you a quick fix that did not last.
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