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Well I now own a 91 Sixty Spec!

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Well, I picked up the Sixty Special today. Flew to St. Louis were I was met by a car trailer hauling a beautiful white C-Body. I've only driven it 50 miles or so, but so far I'd have to say, I couldn't have expected much more. The interior is showroom, I thought my Deville's seats were comfortable! These babies will put you to sleep! It was described fairly accurately...I am quite discriminating so there are a few things that I noticed. The exterior doesn't have a scratch or ding that I have detected (and I've looked quite close). There is one is one 1/8" nick in the paint in the door jam at the top of the window on the drivers door. It does need a good cleaning as there is some buildup of wax in the trim that is driving me crazy...also the white vinyl top needs a good cleaning (any good products that will clean and brighten it up without damage?) All equipment seems to be operating as new except for the struts on the hood, but thats no biggy. I was told it had the heated windshield which was not is minus the cold weather package, but it does have the security package, lace wheels, astroroof and bose cassette. I am however disappointed in the bose sound as I am use to the newer systems and this sounds good but just seems to not have much for that normal???..I almost prefer the base system. Anyway, I willl be driving home over the next few days and will report on the trip when I arrive home. Thanks to those who contributed knowledge as a made the purchase!!!
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Re: Well I know own a 91 Sixty Spec!

Congrats! That is a beautiful Sixty Special :thumbsup:
Re: Well I know own a 91 Sixty Spec!

Let us know where you get stuck. We will send care packages.


good luck
Re: Well I know own a 91 Sixty Spec!

Congrats! You've got one hell of a rare Cadillac there!
Congratulations! Post pictures when you get it all cleaned up!
One of my favorite post 90 Cadillacs...We need pics. Especially of the 12 way seats.
Congrtats on the Sixty-Special. Does it have the rear seat footrests?
Good Luck on a very nice (and rare) car.

((No, they didn't have rear seat footrests.))

The seats were designed in Turin, Italy, by Giogio Giugiaro, at the house of Giugiaro. They were assembled by Alliied Signal Corporation at their Morristown, New Jersey facility, during 1988-1993 time frame. The option (new) had a MSRLP of $ 3,550.00. It came in a limited selection of colors:
Grey, Burgundy Red; Navy Blue and for 1992/1993 they added Black. Not all exterior paint colors were available in each year, as those too were limited.Between 1989 models and 1993 models, a grand total of 6,587 such cars were made, out of a possible 75,284. 11% were so ordered.
The $ 3,550.00 hurt sales as did the limited color availabilties.
Congrats on your new ride! They are sweet cars for sure.
UPDATE: Well, I have arrived home with 1250 more miles on the odometer. I can't find a whole lot to complain about at this point...I am more than satisfied with the purchase. As with any car this age I have found a couple of things that need attention such as the hood struts and the power antenna (that worked fine for the first couple of days). The one thing I don't know about is the gas guage. It usually reads empty but ranges from 2 to 14...the fuel used works fine, so I know how much I have, but I hate that it doesn't work. Is this the float that causes this???...and how difficult to fix??? Everythings else is great! I still can't believe the feels like I just drove it off the showroom floor. The interior has a distinct smell that I knew I recognized, but couldn't quite finally hit me that it smelled like the new 90 Riviera that my grandparents bought years ago...that had "ultrasoft" leather too. I have found two rock pits on the hood that are very small along with couple small scratches in door jams, but other than that the paint is perfect. It ran perfect the entire trip and I can't wait to get some good pics for you all!
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