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Yep I had my 05 Cadillac Escalade ESV dropped today. It was 2/3 drop. I was very surprised and really like the appearance it now has. I think with 24's it is just right. But the ride.....heh heh The all familiar ride, it brought back memories regarding my mini truck and my 64 impala lowrider. Bouncy. well not that bouncy but I could really really tell the difference now. It was bouncy but not rough but not smooth either. More like on the bouncy/smooth side I guess. So with that, I kinda felt bad because it is an Cadillac which means everything should be smooth. Also I kinda miss the "big-high" look especially with an ESV and the feeling while driving it. I think it just goes with it for an ESV being that it has the longer look, the feeling is much better while having the stock height. Well I guess I won some and lost some. Its a fair trade off. Now I think I can honestly claim that I am the first one in Honolulu to have a dropped ESV with 24's.:thumbsup::yup:
Now onto the exhaust system....cant wait
I will post pics later if can
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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