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Well, Guys....I Think I May Have The First....

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Of the new differentials!!!

It has definite differences, they are subtle, but the whole case looks beefier, and it is bigger than the original.

Posting Pics....see what you think.

1st pic is the old, the rest will be the new.

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Front carrier definetly looks different. What part number is on your invoice??

Good for you, Doug. I hope this will be the answer to your/our problems. Now we'll see how she holds-up.
how does it sound/feel? Any change in the "parade" clunk?
cleaner for sure, different carrier as well...rear housing seems bigger. Please list the pn on your invoice.

That's awesome. If you could post the part number, that would be great.
Sweet, it is definitely different.:yup: Someone sure felt your pain and it looks like they may have put in an 06 diff for all that you have been through..:thumbsup:

Congrats! Keeping my fingers crossed for you....
so i assume we can all go get these now.....for free - if u still have warranty?
It doesn't look any beefier to me.:alchi: :canttalk:

There is an illusion that the input shaft looks thicker because of the rust stain on the old shaft.

I think there is someone on the board from Lindsay that can tell the new part #.
This is definetly version #3. I have one and two. They have widened the ribs and stiffened the case. Its a bit beefier on the outside.
so you guys figure this is "it" eh? time to kill my weak old one deliberately? :D

**GM I did NOT just say that.

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1 - 20 of 60 Posts
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