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Oh boy.. Here I go again. I seem to have this strange passion to build communities for all my interests. I started building this web site on Sunday, December 29th.. Today is Monday, December 30th and here I am - ready for my first signups...

Just to give you a heads up regarding my community-building capabilities, take a look at two other projects that I'm proud of: - Community for 80's fans - Community for local car enthusiasts

I have two others but they're intranet communities..

Anyways.. My latest passion is the Cadillac. Actually, I've always loved Caddy's.. I'm 31 years old and I've already owned 4. One 1980 Eldorado Biarritz, one 1977 Sedan DeVille, a 1979 Eldorado and a 1995 White Diamond ETC.

Recently, I've been considering a new car and I've been doing SO much research. After spending many hours and signing up at many forums of other car companies, I've decided on an STS. But what I find so unfortunate is that every other car company has a huge web site with a huge community dedicated to it. All except Cadillac.. Well, here it is...

Make this place whatever you want it to be. It's yours. This place can become an amazing resource for Cadillac enthusiasts around the world. But, only you can make it that way. I think this web site is a step in the right direction. It's not just a section amongst other vehicles. It's all about Cadillac and only Cadillac...

Thanks for stopping by.. I do hope you become a registered member and make this place something special...


Sal Collaziano


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