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Power seats, both sides, stopped working.
30A MaxiFuse under shield driver side under hood running hot, horn not working either (fed off same fuse).
MSM error indicating low B+.
assume high resistance short .....
Pulled fuse to stop battery drain - fuse too hot to handle had to use pliers.

Got side tracked for a few weeks, put fuse back in today, seats worked fine, horn worked. Started car, pulled away from curb, seats and horn no longer work, fuse hot again - pulled it again.

68K miles on the car, had it for the last 7K

No apparent wire problems or loose connectors under the seat as far as I can tell - also when working driver's side ran end to end for each control (seat height, forward/backward, recline) so I don't think there is a bind up on that seat, passenger seat I did not think to check

Only thing of note was that for the past 3 months either driver or passenger seat, no pattern, not frequently (every few weeks or so, give or take) would flop backwards into the back seat - I could fix it by running the recline motor all the way to the back position, holding the seat as far forward as it would go, and then running the motor all the way forward

I REALLY would rather not pull the seat but this sure sounds like a problem in the seat module - I saw a post showing cracked solder connections inside the module .... I spent a few minutes cursing the design engineer that had the brilliant idea to put the module that controls the seat backward/forward function under the very seat that requires that movement in order to get to the mounting screws to replace that module - damn Poindexters oughta be required to spend a week or 2 in a dealer repair shop as part of their training - they will get more out of those 2 weeks than the 2 years it took to get their Masters in Automotive Engineering {{ end of rant }}

Any ideas would be really appreciated


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