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Weird noise comming out of my speakers

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Hi guys..I need some help. The other day I was listening to the radio, and this weird crackling/wind whirling noise started to come out of my back speakers, and it comes and goes. Also, out of nowhere..the bass will drop out of my sound every once in a while. The noise will also keep starting even if I turn the volume all the way down. So does anyone know what the problem could be? Is it just time for new speakers?
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I had the same problem ..mine went on for spell..I could not describe it, ok like weird like langalers on that show with Steven Speilberg...In all Seriously check your altenator........Changed the altenator and Langalers left!
Most likely, you blew the amp in ur radio, i have the same problem, i will save you alot of time, it is not ur speakers, its ur amp in ur radio head unit...if u were cranking the music definitely blew it out...only way to fix it is if u get a new head unit..
lol..yea..that prolly would have done it. first thing i wanted to check when i got the car was "hmm, lemme see how loud this thing can go" and continued to crank my bass heavy music lol. so yea..that sounds about right. thanks man
What year car is it? Do you have a Bose system? The Bose system has amps on each individual speaker, not the head unit.
its a 1992 Cadillac DeVille...umm, about the bose system..Im pretty sure it does not..because someone said it would say something on the bottom left of my head unit (i forgot what they said it would say)..but it doesnt say anything. and its still the stock stereo. so i believe i dont have a bose system
Yea, it doesnt say any of that anywhere on my head unit
Ok..I wanted to up this because I have a question. My grandfather (who I got the car from), said that (this is what he said..i dunno if its true), that if I pushed in any of the car lighters, that it might blow a fuse because he was having a problem with them. One of my friends pushed the lighter on the right side in the rear seat of my car...could my speaker problem be related to a blown fuse?

sorry if its a stupid question..i dont know too much about cars yet cuz im i was just curious.
It would be possible for a hot wire to touch an uninsulated part of a speaker wire and cause distortion.

When your friend pushed in the lighter, did a fuse blow? If the fuse is blown and there is still distortion, then the lighters are the culprit. There very well could be a hot wire touching elsewhere.
How do I know if I blew a fuse?

Im thinking I just blew at the amp in the head unit like the first guy said..but i dunno. The lighters still work fine by the way..
If the lighters still work then the fuse for that circuit is not blown.

For future reference, if you look at a fuse and the little piece of metal between the fuse terminals is broke the the fuse is blown. Do you know where your fuses are and what they look like?
Oh ok..thanks

And yea..I know where my fuses are and all.

Do you think its possible like the one guy said, and I blew the amp in my head unit? Because its weird..its like I'll hear this crackling noise coming out my back speakers..I dont know if its the speakers or my head unit like the one guy said. I guess once I buy a new head unit, I will be able to tell.
Could be. You did say you don't have the Bose Gold, so the amp is on the headunit according to Dismissed.
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