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Weird light 1996 deville

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Hey, I was checking out the diagnostics by pressing the warmer button and such...and when all the lights go on- there is a weird light next to the traction control that has never gone before- it looks like a bubble with 3 arrows pointing up on it. It doesnt come up unless I go into the diagnostic mode and it is not in the manual. Any idea what it means?
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My 95 FSM states that this option was used only on Saudi Arabian/UAE export cars, never on US vehicles. It was also accompanied by an audible alarm, seperate from the chime module.

I would assume that the need for this in Saudi Arabia/UAE was due to the climate there, and the possibility of the exhaust getting clogged with debris from sand storms. What is strange is that my 95 has no such indicator on the IPC at all. I would guess that it was still used after 95, but only on cars destined for Saudi market.

Interestingly, there is also an IPC option for Saudi configuration that sets an overspeed alarm which flashes the speedo display over 120 Km/H, but doesn't (as I read it) cutoff the fuel supply to slow the vehicle like the conventional top speed limiter. Similar option for Japan, IPC speed flashes over 180 Km/H. Of course, 96 may be substantially different as it was OBDII.

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