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Weird A/C problem

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Well, I just replaced the a/c relay , erased all the codes and expected all to be well , But no ! Now the a/only blows cold on the passenger side not the drivers side ? Could there a blend door stuck or vacuum leak. I don't really know where to start on this one . Thanks for any help or ideas on this one . Hope its not to ugly
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Tx ill check on this tommrow. Air is not "hot" more abient. No codes because I recently cleared them when I replaced the relay.
Finally got back to this Sunday AM. And I have a few more facts, Outside temp about 70 degrees . Passenger side vents are reading 50/52 degrees. and drivers side vents reading 80/82 degrees. No codes are showing up and I have a high side pressure of 175 /200. I cant do a low side pressure because my brother drove over the low side , when he used it last , TX Bro. Any additional ideas would be appreciated TX.
Thanks Basscatt1 I will try the" exercise" method tonight . Any access to those doors on the drivers side ?
Thanks , for the diagrams Ranger , I was looking for something like this in the FSM but couldn't find it .After" exercising "the system like Basscatt recommended , I noticed that in the air conditioning mode the drivers vents are not blowing as hard as the passengers , in the heat mode they appear to be equal . Momentarily I thought that It was working but then it went back to not working . Is there anyway to physical check and move the blend doors by hand to check for movement . Also is it possible for a screw or something to fall down a vent get in there and mess things up . I've had the dash pad off so who knows . TX again for all the help.
More information! Tx. I'll be looking at this over the weekend and report back tx again.
Finally got back to this over the weekend . I checked the incoming vacuum and found it to be around 16 Hg . I checked the colored vacuum hoses with a vacuum gauge and found them all to hold vacuum' I still need to see if a actuator is stuck . So where do I go next ? Vacuum solenoid or the programmer. I still have no codes showing. High side pressure is still around 200. Is it possible to have correct high pressure and be short on R134a ?
Looks like I will need to buy a new set of gauges! Ill keep working on this as time permits. Tx.
Just got back to this , I noticed when the fan is on with Air conditioner off it still blows warm on driver and outside air on passenger. so I'm pretty much convinced it is a stuck door or vacuum motor problem . No codes are present . I cant figure out how the short side panels are removed from front of the shift console. the ones by the gas pedal and the passengers left foot . They seem to move around but I can't get them to come off . I don't want to break anything . Didn't see anything on the FSM on this . I figure if I can see what's going on down there I might be able to figure this out .TX Eldo GUY
TX. again ranger ill try and explore this option tonight . Hope fully with the help of the forum and me poking around I'll figure this out . I will update when I find out something new .
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