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Weird A/C problem

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Well, I just replaced the a/c relay , erased all the codes and expected all to be well , But no ! Now the a/only blows cold on the passenger side not the drivers side ? Could there a blend door stuck or vacuum leak. I don't really know where to start on this one . Thanks for any help or ideas on this one . Hope its not to ugly
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Is the drivers side warm (ambient) or hot?
If warm, then you probably just need a refrigerant top off.
If hot, then it is more likely an air mix door actuator.
After" exercising "the system like Basscatt recommended , I noticed that in the air conditioning mode the drivers vents are not blowing as hard as the passengers , in the heat mode they appear to be equal . Momentarily I thought that It was working but then it went back to not working .
Make sure there are no vacuum leaks.

Is there anyway to physical check and move the blend doors by hand to check for movement .
Probably. look under the IP on the drivers side. Not sure how accessible things are down there.

Also is it possible for a screw or something to fall down a vent get in there and mess things up .
Not likely.
The Eldo is different than my DTS console, but mine is pried loose from the rear, then work your way forward. The front has a 90 degree angle tab that is slid in to hold it. Pry the front and you break that tab.
Mine was broken when I got it and I had to JB Weld it. Once all the retainers are popped, you slide the panel rearward.

Check this link on Ebay. It has a picture of the backside. Look closely at the front and you can see the tab I'm talking about.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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