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'05 CTS-VM 51 track days in Maggied V & 82 in Atom 2 in Volt
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Great weekend at Buttonwillow. Car ran like a champ. I’m finding the more you finesse this car the better it performs. If you want to slam gears and roller rink it around this car will buck you off. If you caress it around the turns you’ll have the time of your life. The sessions where I had the least traffic and was concentration on my line and being smooth I turned much better times. Best way I can describe it is like a good golf swing, when everything is smooth and on purpose, it just feels “right.” If you try to kill the ball, you’ll be off in the weeds.

I like the sound of my newly installed X-pipe, at least now you can hear with the Maggie, which got plenty of peoples attention.

Next mod, bigger sway bars and some slicks in time for Willow Springs in Dec then off the Laguan Seca.

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