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Water / meth on N/A engine

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So I've been kinda waiting for it to heat up above freezing up here in Canada to do some actual testing. I started off in town cruising around the block at somewhere in the 93F area for the IAT's. After a few punches of the throttle I was able to get it down to somewhere in the 67F range. On the highway I got down to 63F. The base temperature outside was just shy of 74, meaning I was 11 degrees under ambient air temp on the highway under WOT (it will creep up under cruising conditions while it's not engaging)

I'm running a stage 2 controller which reads the TPS and works on a 5v reference. I haven't really tested to see whether or not I'm making additional power on a cooler day, but it most definitely restores power on a hotter day. It can drop 10 degrees nearly instantaneously with your foot into it. It's a progressive spray so it brings in more the more you beat on the car which is where you would normally start losing power from heat soak.
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Very cool... You should share information on what system you are running.

Yes of course, it's a concoction of various crap I had laying around. I'm not 100% sure on the flow rate of the current nozzle, but I'm thinking it's in the 2GPH range. The pump is just your standard methanol capable pump available at Snow Performance, CoolingMist, etc.

The controller is the important part of the system, it comes from a gentleman in the west coast of Canada and it's actually made in Canada but I'm not entirely sure if he's still at it. I've emailed him and should hear back soonish.

I'll follow up on this post with some pics of the install. The windshield washer tank is where it feeds from as ours accepts a lot of fluid and is fairly easy to tap in to. The line is standard 1/4 OD nylon tubing which you could get at any hardware store, Ebay, Amazon, etc. - I'll post a few links in the next post.

I have the 26mm Iceolator on my intake which required some serious modding to make fit, but it keeps the intake very cool. The meth injection would have even more effect on an intake without the spacer.
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Here we go:

The controller for an N/A engine: - There are others for those with boost as well.
Some example pumps: - the pumps are really pretty much all the same, manufactured by a company called Aquatec except for a few outside of our continent
This nozzle would be in the right range:
Fittings: - You're generally only going to need 2 fittings, 1 90 and one 1/4 hose to 1/8 npt male
Nylon hose can be had anywhere really, but an example here:

The next issue is the mounting point of the nozzle, I am running one of these: but it came with a used kit we bought and they are outrageously expensive for some BS plastic, there's got to be another way that's cheaper. It's just 1/8 NPT so it's super common stuff. If anyone is seriously considering installing one, I will figure out another mounting system.

Then you'll want to run blue windshield washer fluid that's designed for winter without any additives or detergents. It's usually 30-40% methanol and the rest is pretty much distilled water. That's a perfect mix for an application like this, boosted people can spike the fluid with a couple bottles of Heet.

The DI engines will be able to use this setup for boosting crappy gas and getting into the upper timing table of the LLT / LFX. It's a win/win for everything really, it cools IAT's, boosts octane, cleans the combustion chambers, valves, intake runners, etc.
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