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Cold, icy weather here in Maryland yesterday. Snow turned to rain, rain turned to ice at night. Encased my DTS completely in ice.

I was driving to work this morning while its warmer today and all of the ice is melting. When I was driving down a hill, water started pouring out of my maplights. Not a ton, but steady, rapid drops for about 2-3 seconds.

No sign of any damage to the lights, sunshade button, or sunroof switches.

Small wet spot on the headliner next to one of the maplights. It's not supposed to rain today so I left the sunroof wide open hoping whatever is left and stuck in there has a chance to dry out.

My theory is that the drainage for the sunroof turned to ice, and the top of the roof melted before the interior did so the water had no where to go.

Is this plausible or am I dealing with something more sinister here? What should be my next course of action to inspect damage and prevent mold, rust, etc. ?

Is there an easy way to pop off the plastic covers over the maplights. I'm dying to see in there but dont have any tools with me and don't want to break anything

Edit: I believe the whole "Roof Console" comes off in one piece of pulled on on both ends according to

I am going to take some edge-trimmer wire and run it through all 4 drain holes in case they are even slightly stopped up, which would lead to an ice plug

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yep - but be careful. Don't push the rubber drain tubing off the sunroof pan nipples. The front tubes run down the A-pillar to the inner portion of the inner fenderwell liners. There is a razmatazz valve at the lower end. Find them and cut them off. The rear tubes run out and aft down the sail panels, through the trunk into the inner fenderwells - same end valves. Cut those off, too.

Actually, you'll play hell trying to get weedwhacker line anywhere near the rear drain holes.
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