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Water in door after rain?

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I noticed after it rains and I open my front doors water runs out the bottom of the door. I don't know if it's trapped around the door or if this is normal?

Does anyone else see this?
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FWIW - My 2000 Seville does this occasionally - only it's the rear door - about 3 or 4 ounces may come out after a rain. As long as it does not travel into the vehicle I'm okay with it. Then again, my car is almost 10 years old and whether or not you have a warranty can change your perspective on such things! :)
We don't have much rain in Northern California, but I always wash my 08 CTS home because I don't trust the commercial carwash. Every time after the wash I open the doors and clean the water around to bottom of the doors, I think it's normal because I never detected a drop of water inside the cabin.
Normal. Door interiors are designed to be "wet zones". Nothing to worry about.
Yes, I've had the same issue. I'm not sure I'd agree with others posts that it isn't an issue. Yes, the interior of the door should be able to get wet, but to hold water is another question. I'm concerned that water siting stagnant will cause rust. I've never seen a door hold water like it does on this car but I'm not sure what to do about it.
I had this same issue on my 03 and this is what the dealer said to do....and it worked.
Under the door are tiny holes that im my case were clogged. I used a coat hanger to unclog the holes and water came pouring out on to the ground. At the time my rear floor boards were wet because of the doors holding water and I used a wet/dry vac. to handel that.

Its been a year or so since that problem and i've had plenty of rain and car washes since and the water problem hasn't come back.

Hope this helps, i imagine the 08+ CTS's have the same door drain design as my 03.:thumbsup:
It's when I open the door the water runs out the bottom near the rubber seal but can't be sure where it's coming from. I never saw this with any of my other cars.
One of my last steps when I wash the car is to open both rear doors. Water then drains out - not too much. I suspect it must be where water from the front windshield drains. I also assume it would drain the water once I took the car on the road after washing but I havent checked that. Water doesnt get into the interior.
Me too...after a car wash or rain, when I open front or rear door, water drains out of the door bottom...puzzling, somewhat AJC says, "I never saw this with any of my other cars."

HEY gm engr, ewill3rd, other Cadillac techs...what's the deal here??? Thanks.
That's what it is supposed to do. It channels the rain or water around the door frame so that it doesn't pour down on you as you open the door. GM and perhaps others have been doing this for some time. My last two Impalas had it, my truck has it and my 06 CTS had it.
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