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washer nozzles (C-body)

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One of mine decided to stop spraying and now just shoots a stream, like the restrictor is blown out. Looked around at options, GM says they are discontinued, and Dorman doesn't make replacements for these cars. I'll probably pick some up at the junkyard, but now I'm wondering what the rest of you have done. Maybe I can use the Dorman hood-mounted replacements in my cowl? Do I need to go buy some ricer nozzles at vatozone or something?
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Good news and bad news. Bad news is that the nozzles are not common for C-body and in fact seemed to change quite a bit. I could not find any other late-80s DeVilles. I did find some other late-80s Cadillacs and early-90s DeVilles but they are all different setups (EG, the SeVille washer nozzles are is on the wiper arm instead of in the cowl, the later Devilles and Fleetwoods have larger washer nozzles that have no chance of fitting, and so forth). The good news for those of us with the small block nozzles in the cowl is that early-90s Cutlass Ciera is VERY similar and works just fine as a substitute. The housing is slightly different, and does not have Left and Right pieces, but the housing uses the same basic shape and has a nut on the back to hold the nozzle in place, which nothing else had.

If you want to keep your car for a while go find some nozzles. It's always the little pieces that kill em in the end.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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