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Was this an option or do I need aftermarket??

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I have a 98 Deville D'Elegance with the gold emblem package (every emblem and name plate on the outside is gold) EXCEPT for my wheel center caps. I have the factory Chrome wheels but the are ALL Chrome... I am looking for center caps that have the wreath done in gold. I know I can get mine plated but was looking for a simple swap. Local caddy dealer says they have seen them but can't find a part # (WHAT!!??) Searched the web, and ebay comming up blank for this year... plenty of caps for wire wheels of yesteryear! Suggestions (don't say junk yard, the ones around here may get one caddy a year and it's usually pretty horrible and stripped by the time I find it).
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They had all kinds of wheels for the 98, your going to have to post a pic.

This guy here has an extra set you might be able buy. Check it out!!
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