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Apologies in advance if i’m using the incorrect terminology. If i knew the proper name of the exterior rear door (one on each side) bright chrome and window wiping material on dark plastic strip that sits at the base of the window, i might have already been able to do more research online. Here’s a picture of the one on the left side, showing how it pops up towards the rear:

Double triple apologies that i don’t understand what the hell this forum software is doing with my images. I keep trying to put a thumbnail in and it gives me the full image followed by the thumbnail, then when i attempt to delete the full image, both it and the thumbnail go away. Information and/or pointers to forum photo instructions/stickies are welcomed. For this post, you get full-sized images.

Here’s an overview of that trim strip removed, showing the warpage on the bottom side that is supposed to lock into the metal channel in the door:

Here’s a top-down (would be bottom-up when installed in the car) closer view of the warpage:

My questions (besides how to work photos with this forum software):
  • What is the proper name/terminology for this part?
  • Is it repairable, such as by carefully heating the plastic at a low temperature, with some jigs or guides or somesuch to straighten it out? If so, what is the proper gap for that locking channel? Any existing threads on this topic here on Cadillac Forums (i could find none on a search)? Or information anywhere?
  • Are replacements available? If so, suggestions for sources?
(The big picture is that i’m trying to refurbish my mother’s 1998 DeVille Concours, dealing with minor/cosmetic issues like this to make it nicer and more fun to drive, ideally wrapping up the work [or most of it] within the next week. Not that this matters to anyone outside my family.)


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MAYBE a new piece in the correct section of (Beware of "shipping and handling").

You'll get the hang of clicking/double clicking Thumbnail or Full Image - which one do you want to post? This site now has huge server space, so go ahead and post full images if you feel the urge. Get what you don't want, delete it and go to the attachment again.
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