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Warped Brake Rotor?

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I have a shaking or vibration when applying the brakes from a moderate to high speed. The front brakes were done by the dealer 2 - 3 years ago but only 7 or 8 thousand miles, maybe less put on the car since then. The dealer says warped rotors are causing the vibration which means they probably didn't turn them when they did the brakes.

Is it better to replace the rotors or can I have them turned, assuming they have never been turned and if they have that there is enough left to turn? It seems I read somewhere that it is better to just replace them on a cadillac but I can't find that thread so don't know if I read that or not.

Any issue's with O'rielly or Autozone rotors? I did read on this forum that all rotors are made in China. Probably at the same plant...

What about the pads? There should be alot of pad left (haven't looked yet), if so is it alright to reuse them or might warped rotors have damaged them in some way that is not easily visible?

Thank you for any and all advice. This is my folks car and I want to do it right (unlike the Cadillac dealership)

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Submariner and Ranger, thanks for the quick responses.

This has been an ongoing problem, I have just never gotten around to doing anything about it. I will have the rotors turned to clean them up if the specs are ok.

The shake is pretty violent and the front end checks out ok according to the dealer and the car drives and rides fine (who of course told me the rotors were warped but apparently that can't happen so I guess they just wanted to sell my folks rotors...), is it possible a caliper could be sticking or would that cause a different problem?

Took the rotors to turn but couldn't. One was marginal but the other was under the minimum and I could feel very slight grooving on both with a finger nail like they hadn't been turned when the dealership did the brakes a few thousand miles ago... That was interesting to me, seems they would have sold my folks some overpriced replacements. I don't know but I don't see how the pads could wear the rotor down below minimal specs. Hard to find trust worthy shops.

The pads had minimal wear so replaced the rotors and went for a drive. Problem seems to be resolved. Thanks for all the help.

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