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Anyone parting out a car?

A while back I cut the harness connectors off both my fog/DRLs, as they had gotten corroded inside and the lights were intermittently going out. I spliced the wiring together in the interim, and intended to replace the connectors. Well, months have passed and I never got around to doing that. Now the car's getting new fog/DRLs due to a front end accident, and I don't want to chop up the harnesses on the new lights.

I found a replacement passenger side pigtail at the local U-pull-it yard, but someone had already chopped off the driver side. The yard had a 2nd CTS a few weeks ago, but unfortunately I hadn't thought to look for these pigtails, and the car was gone when I finally went to get them last week.

I'm looking for the chassis side of the harness - I already have the harness on the lights, since it's part of the whole fog/DRL assembly. If I could get the plug + 8 or 10 inches of wiring that would be perfect.

Here's what I'm talking about (the harness inside the cock-n-balls shaped yellow loops :p):

The actual lights are the same for the CTS and CTS-V, so it doesn't matter which flavor of car the harness comes from.
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