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My car is 1994 Deville 4.9 L

I had a coolant leakage inside my car, i bypass the heater by connecting the in & out hoses together and it stopped.

First Qtn:
I want to replace the heater core, i found 2 parts, one with AC and one without AC, which of them i need to buy ?

A) FOUR SEASONS 94480 Heater Core - w/o AC 45.04
B) FOUR SEASONS 94480 Heater Core - w/ AC 45.04
(they have the same Item No.)

Second Qtn:
I found the parts at
do you know better or cheaper site to order from ?

Third Qtn:
Also I want to know what other parts i need to order.
The black plastic cover is broken (i saw the word "BARRIER" on it)
i want to know how to identify it at the order.

Fourth Qtn:
can you give me tips for remove & install the heater core?
From where to start the whole procedure.

Thanks, Danny

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You're lucky, it's not a big job on your car. Some cars require the removal of the whole dash and that's NOT fun.
You ask about which heater core (with, or without A/C) but the part numbers you show are the same? As far as I know, there's no such thing as a Cadillac WITHOUT A/C, so you should be fine. At the very least, common sense would dictate that you DO have A/C, so get that one. As for the pricing issue, I couldn't tell you since I get all my stuff wholesale or below. I'm not sure about retail pricing. The "barrier" should be easily identifiable at the dealer on their computer screen. As for the R&R, it's pretty easy as I recall. just pull the glove box, remove the programmer (paying attention to the air mix door adjustment), pull the lower sound insulator, pull the heater core cover and remove the heater core. Put everything back the way you took it apart and you're done.

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That sounds easier than any car I've ever heard.

Dad's heater core went out on his '77 DeVille at about 83,000 miles. So he traded. My wife's core went out at 89,000 miles, and it cost over $700 to get it fixed at the Volvo dealer.

This forum is lucky to have members who have been there and done that. Is there a Helms manual for Danny's car? I'd highly recommend getting one if there is.

Good luck, Dannyga.
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