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2008 CTS4
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Took my 2008 CTS4 in for a transmission failure on 05/17/15. Was told the issue was the input and output shaft stripped after disassembling the transmission and transfer case. There is also a TSB about this issue on this model car (TSB 10-07-03-005A dated in the year 2010). Parts were only $700 and was given $500 off the labor after expressing my concern why it was soo high which brought the labor charge to $2400 for a total of $3100. My extended warranty covered $2500. When i picked up the vehicle i was told the tech found an issue with my cylinder 3 misfiring and to fix the issue it would cost $700. Took it somewhere else and had that issue fixed for less than half. Funny enough i had/have a device that i plug in to the diagnostic that gives me alerts on any issues with my vehicle and that code or alert never showed up prior to taking my vehicle in. I was given a 12mo/12,000 mile warranty on parts and labor.

Last Friday, 06/12/15, my transmission failed as i pulled at a gas station after filling up at night. Called the dealership the next day and spoke w/ another service adviser about what happened and asked if they would assist in fixing the issue since it was not even 13 months since their job was completed. I was told that the warranty is over and there is nothing that could be done. However, i could bring the vehicle back in and have another diagnosis done and problem fixed again. I was not even offered a free diagnosis!!

Decided to call GM to get help, since it was one of their dealerships, however there was no help there either.

It's sad that i couldn't trust a dealer to do a proper job on such a costly repair.

Spoke to a private transmission specialist company on Monday who was shocked that my transmission failed again so soon, especially after being disassembled and rebuilt with replacement parts. I am having this company fix my transmission and funny how they offer a 4yr/100k warranty on parts and labor of their work! The cause of the issue will be documented. I'm pretty sure my extended warranty company is looking forward to finding out the cause of the failure again as well...

To Be Continued....
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