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Waiting for ordered coupe

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For those of you who have told me that the wait isn't that bad.. You all lie!! Lol... You already picked up your cars!! It's like saying having money doesn't make you happy!!! Those are rich people saying that!!

I am on my 5th week of waiting.. Car is being built on 3-7.. And they say delivery about 2 weeks after that (Lansing) is 1.5 hours from the dealer.. It is all set up for me to watch my car built and my friend will be the first person driving it off the line (he wants to do that just to piss me off).. I know from that point I will be more impatient.. Last week they were 3000 cars behind on deliveries!!

Sorry just ranting!!!
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No. didn't hear that.. Wouldn't surprise me.. I guess if there's another problem. At least the new builds will be the best coupes available now!!
I was told no cameras.. But I'm gonna try sneaking some with my phone..
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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