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Wagon Hatch Squeak

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Hey everyone,
My 2010 wagon has developed a squeak in the cargo area. I can hear it every time I hit a bump. I have narrowed it down to the hatch itself. If I open the hatch and drive slowly over some bumps, I dont hear the squeak. Has anyone ran across this problem before? What was the fix?

Mark B
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Could it be the rubber seals squeaking? If so, try using Shin Etsu grease. You spread a very thin layer of this on all the rubber seals and it both protects the rubber and usually stops the noise.

I bought a tube of this for my Honda S2000. I used it twice a year for seven years and still have at least 80% of the tube left. For $15, it's worth trying.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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