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Hello Friends, I have a 2000 DHS. After reading the forums, I tried the WOT procedure so widely discussed here. I took the car to the highway and had it in 2. I increased the speed to about 70mph for 4 mins then let it come down to around 30 mph, then again up to 70mph holding it there for 4-5 mins and then back to 30. I did this for about 15 mins, there was no black smoke from my car. I did burn lot of gas, I could see from the display but there was no poof of black smoke. Am I doing something wrong, Please advice, this was the first time I did this.
After getting off the highway, I did notice the Temp going a bit high, just one jump but it came back to normal in a minute.
Any help/advice would be great.
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Dadillac said:
If when accelerating, you were holding the pedal to the floor (WOT Wide Open Throttle), and you got no smoke / pinging, then your cylinders are clear of carbon. You really need to stand on the pedal, to clear it out. If you were accelerating in a "normal" fashion, then you were not doing it right.

I agree with Dadillac - with the transmission in 2nd gear, you have to put the pedal to the floor up to about 5500 RPMs, hold it there for a few seconds maybe, then let off the pedal completely to let it slow down to about 30-ish, then do it again with wide open throttle accelerating to 5000-6000 RPMs (just before it automatically shifts up), then taking your foot off the pedal down to about 30 MPH.

If this seems to violent to you, just accelerate from a stop with your foot on the floor as hard as you can press it, and get it up to about 80-90 MPH. Then slow down normally. If you do it this way, do it about 5-10 times. The point is to run the thing at high RPMs with low vacuum level, then immediately shock the rings with full vacuum and let the engine braking slow the car down. That will really get the rings moving around and knock off as much carbon as possible.

If you have any questions, let us know.
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