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Volant worth it?

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What's up guys. I just can't pull the trigger on the volant cai. Those that have it installed would you buy it again? It worth the 250+? Where would yall recommend me buy it? Ebay?
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i just purchased one from somebody and i am anxious to install mine myself...but after putting K&N's on my vehicles before the CTS, i figured it was time to try something else...
I got myself one for Christmas and installed it in January. It was a pain to install, but I like it a lot. I appreciate the feel and the sound.

By the way, search the internet and you can find it for around $195 now.
I have found some for around that price. Just not sure I trust the places. You have an online retailer you would recommend?
i checked the site that you previously posted, and i would buy from them...
really? what about I used their live support and the guy quoted me $178.02 shipped to my, Ripoffreport has horrible horrible reviews of that I'm thinking it's a sister site to them.
lol...i have actually had experience with and had no problems...but a friend of mine used them, and they plain and simply robbed's your money, go with who you feel most comfortable with
I got mine for $240 shipped from an Ebay power seller and I know what the pain in * it was to install. Mine is not fully installed yet its missing the gasket and 1 of the 2 screws it takes to install it. I know there is probably extra dirty air getting in right now but I'm away for a few weeks before I can correct the problem. I agree it sounds great, but for performance gains I haven't noticed but I'm also installing the Borla exhaust when I get back. Pics and maybe sound clips after everything is done on the 3.2 manual.
Yes, it is worth it! Spend the money and purchase it. It looks hot under the hood with the chrome Volant and it adds extra sound and performance. IMO. If you do purchase it, I would modify it to open up the air more. I originally installed it w/o cutting a rectangle next to the snorkel. After running it that way for about 6 months, I decided to cut the filter size opening next to the snorkel. I am SO glad I did. I immediately saw great returns in the sound and performance of the Cad.

In fact, my fiance wouldn't notice a dead skunk on the table, not to mention a new CAI installed. The first time she drove the car, she immediately questioned me about any new mods that were made on the car because it performed different. Go for it!!
yes they make them for the 3.2L...there are quite a few on ebay and on the website mentioned above
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