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Vogue Tyres vs Michelin Symetry

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I have 225/60/16 Michelin Symetry thin whitewalls now and I really like the way they ride and the low noise level. I have a chance to buy 4 slightly used Vogues (as well as 98 Concours chrome rims). I'm getting the rims either way. I know the Vogues are a pain to clean, but I don't mind that. My question is will the Vogues ride as smooth and as quite as the Michelins?
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They damn well ought to for what they cost.
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I have the same tire size 225/60/16. You can't get a beat the smooth ride that Vogues provide. I just got some for my Deville 2 months ago and yeah I have to clean them 1-2 times a week, but you can't beat the look and feel they give your Caddy (especially when they're bright white :) ).

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They look great on your DeVille! My 98 DeVille is about the same color as yours with what looks like the same color cloth top and gold plated emblems. What kind of tires did you have before the Vogues? And are you saying the Vogues ride better? What about road niose? Thanks.
i agree i have soem on my navy dts.
but other say the ride sucks...compared to anyother mich, goodyear, ect...
i disagree though i like them.
they are pretty steep though.
If I remember (at work so I can't check my garage), I had some goodyears... They had a 1 inch white wall stripe, but didn't complete the "look" I was going for. Tell you the truth, I didn't even clean that 1 inch strip of white wall to the point where the white wall matched the black wall :)

I bought the Wide Trac Touring II tires from ebay for $699 ($799 w/shipping)

I went to the Vogue Tyre site and this is what they say about my Vogues.

"The Vogue Wide Trac Touring II Tyre with the H speed rating has received the Consumer's Digest BEST BUY recognition of excellence award seven out of the last nine years. Both sizes are available in Vogue's distinct prismatic white/gold or Gold Stripe sidewall. Quality, Style and Performance are the result of our pursuit of excellence."

It doesn't go to mention noise reduction (but I swear I've read that on other sites before).

In other words, I agree with Vogue's statement!!!
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Geez, 800 bucks for tires? :cookoo:

they look good (on certain cars) but even my sport touring tires cost 80 bucks a piece.
Thanks for the input. Actually it turns out I can only get 3 used Vogues and I would have to buy the 4th new. Since I also have to fix the rear knuckles I can't afford the Vogues. For now I will stick with the Michelins. If anyone is interested, these are very nice with about 70% tread. I can sell you the 3 used Vogues for $250 (local pickup in Rockford IL). The new one is $195.
Sorry to hear. Look on ebay, you'll usually find pretty good deals for used Vogues.
My 2000 DHS came with Symetry and I was satisfied with them untill I replaced them with Goodyear Comfortreads.
WOW, unbelievably quite & smooooth. I couldn't believe the difference. Great handling wet or dry. I got the thin white stripe and they are a handsome sidewall. Each tire took less than half ounce weight, I liked that.
$515.00 turn key and the $40.00 rebate from Gdyr didn't hurt. Highly recommended.
Did your milage (mpg) fall off considerably with the Comfortreads?
I personally like the look vogues give to a addy... I plan to put some on my Seville, as soon as I wear out my Michellins lol :D
I have Vogues on my 99 now, I replaced the original Michelins with them. I really wanted to keep the Michelins, but I have a generous Uncle who owns a garage who surprised me with the vogues. I do not think they ride any better then the other ones. I do think they make more road noise. They definitely ride better on 30lbs of air than 35lbs.
do not think they ride any better then the other ones. I do think they make more road noise. They definitely ride better on 30lbs of air than 35lbs.

I agree with riding on 30lbs rather than 35lbs. The tires say 35 is the recommended, but the guys who balanced and mounted my tires put only 30. I inflated to 35 and have decided to go back to 30 since I feel it rides better :thumbsup:
The MPG stated on the display is basically the same. I haven't noticed any difference to speak of.
The difference in ride quality & quitness would be worth a slight decrease. Amazing difference.
yeah vogues do rule but 800 a set thts why my caddy sittin on goodyears:(
Well I got the Concours chromes with the Michelin Symetry's put on today. Of course the first thing I did was clean them real good (in my suit on my lunch break). I also bought three gold plated "Concours" emblems off e bay, as well as a gold plated "Heritage of Ownership" grill emblem. Those will be going on this weekend. The rest of the emblems are already gold plated. I will post some pics soon. Also now I have the stock aluminum wheels with mounted Michelin Destiny's ready for the winter.
Heres the pics. It still needs a good spring detail. I will post new pics of the concours emblems as soon as I put them on probably next week.


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The actual Cadillac Concours badging, or a decorative emblem similar to the heritage of ownership medallions?
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