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Vinyl tops and cloth tops

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I'm not a big fan of vinyl tops. Does anybody know what the roof looks like under that vinyl or cloth? Is it possible to take it off and have a nice hardtop? Thanks
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Underneath is just your typical standard metal roof. I'm not exactly sure where you'd go to get it removed, but it can be done, and I'd assume for somewhere in below $500, but all of these numbers are ballparked.
Depending on how old the car is, you will most likely find rust under the top. Also some of the tops use screws that will leave you with holes that will need to be filled in.
Even if its perfect underneath the paint fade will be different.
I was curious if anyone has tried it or replaced one. I took one off a 76 Cutlass once and there was some pretty rough seams that needed to be filled and took more time. My 92 is a black hardtop but I've been looking for another one and it seems the majority are vinyl/cloth tops. If I find one cheap enough I may try to make my own hardtop. Thanks for the replies.
I have the cloth top and am very interested in replacing it with a new cloth top. The one that is on there is old and has holes where water gets in and I know that will soon rust through so I rather fix now then later having to replace the whole roof.

So any info where I can go is greatly appreciated.
I am not sure whether or not the dealer would be able to help you out. Most of the faux convertible tops are installed by dealers. Even if they don't install them, they will be able to point you in the right direction. If you have no luck there I would try any shop that deals with real convertible tops or interior work.
Any auto body shop should know how to do it or be able to hook you up with somebody who does it. I know a guy who had a cloth top put on his 01 DHS and it wasn't a fortune so they're out there.
I know a guy who had a cloth top put on his 01 DHS and it wasn't a fortune so they're out there.
I could deal with a couple of hundred but once it goes over 1K I have to wait a little. Hmmm I do need to paint it so I guess I can ask around while I ask for the paint. Thanks y'all.
Cloth and vinyl tops were invented to make it possible to sell the cars on the production line that had tops show up with defects after being welded in place. They became popular to the point that some good tops were covered up but don't be surprised if you find some real atrocities.
Oh I know there will be! The main reason I want to replace now is cause water is able to get into it and creates these water pockets on the inside. Leaving it like it is will only make the roof rust away so i want to fix it now but there is also no point in doing that and still have a crappy paint job so I am looking both in one swing.
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