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Vinyl Top replacement

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Has anyone replaced the 1/2 top on their car? I have a 83 coupe and its looking bad. How much did it cost? Where did you find the material if you did it yourself? If you pull the top off,remove the glue and junk can you paint it and look ok till I can afford a new top? Whats around the rear window under the fabric? Alot of questions I know.
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Nobody replaced a top?

I dont know if there is a place by you but that's what I do (among other things) in AZ. If it is a hard fiberglass shell top, we charge 695 to R&R a top. Its not the easiest job to do, and if it was done right when you pull it off you will need quite the bit of body work to make it presentable while there is no "top" on your car.

If its just the 1/4" closed cell foam, with material glued to that, then that stuff is fairly inexpensive and you could probably get some vinyl from an upholstery store and have a seam sewn between two pieces to make it wide enough to stretch over the car.

on my 68 SDV the material was glued to the foam, and then tucked into the window channels, so I don't know how yours is, a picture would probably help a bunch there...

can you post pics ive heard of people using a brush on dye that makes it look ten times better found at autozone or advance that you can brush on
I tried that stuff, it works like crap. If you brush it on especially, it's hard to make it look even when it dries. I sprayed mine on, and after a few weeks it started flaking off.
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