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vinyl roof care

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i've driven my brougham in the rain recently (gosh - it's silly - i feel so bad when it happens, as i try to keep it always dry) and when the water dried out, i've notice white stains on the maroon vinyl top i have. it's absolutely normal thing - just some minerals and polution drying out. but the question remains - how to clean it?

what kind of vinyl-roof cleaning solutions do you use?
how do you protect them after washing - what kind of cream, wax or other agent you use to keep them in perfect shiny shape?

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I clean any dirt off the vinyl with a wet rag and NO soap. Then to further clean it and make it shine, I usually clean mine off with Murphy’s Oil Soap. It is normally used for cleaning wood surfaces, but oil soap is safe for leather and vinyl. I use about four to five capfuls and rub it in with a damp cloth. I use it for my leather seats, armrests, and vinyl dashboard and body moldings/fillers; I just wet a corner of the damp rag with oil soap. When the car is done, it looks like I used Armor All on everything. The top stays clean for about a week, and the interior (depending on how much I drive) for about two months.

You can find Murphy's (and the store brand generic) in the cleaning section of your local grocery store
Never ever use Armorall for anything on your car. It's full of silicone. Search through the Detailing forum, there's plenty of reading material. 303 is a popular choice, most auto parts stores sell it. They have a cleaner and protectant. Best yet, it blocks UV rays, so it'll keep your vinyl roof from absorbing the summer sun.

I used murphy's oil soap and it worked very well. I also used a mr clean magic eraser for the tough spots and it worked wonders
MrClean magic erasers are great on whitewalls too!

I wash my Brougham in the local self-wash using their foaming brush with whatever detergent they use. I then generally blast all the soap off with the high-pressure wax mode. After a good chamois dry I'll occasionally treat the roof with 303. I found Armour-All just runs off the roof in rain and streaks the paintwork.:annoyed:

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^I usually beach my white walls, and then to make them look wet, I wipe them down with expired DOT 3 brake fluid (after three months in the bottle it's garbage). Tire shine products can and will damage your tires. The chemicals soak into the rubber and cause the side walls to crack, and any left over residue can fly off and ruin the paint job. DOT 3 brake fluid does not harm the rubber and after it sits for an hour, there is no residue to come off and damage the paint.
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