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VIN # motor identifacation...9 or Y???

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Ok, easy question. I am doing some basic tune up stuff on my 96 STS. When ordering parts, it asks if the engine VIN is 9 or Y, so if my VIN is it a Y???? I dont know the breakdown of GM VIN numbers, can anyone help. It is the northstar motor and I assume it is the 300 horsepower motor as being the STS.... Help please.

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1= Made in US
6= Cadillac
KY= Seville STS
5= 4 door sedan
2= active seatbelts with dual frontal air bags
9= L37 4.6L V8 (the 300HP one)
8th digit is the engine code.
thanks a bunch guys!!! On a side note, i purchased the car with a small hole in the headlight left by a rock or something, and i replaced both of the front headlight housings so they would match, and man, was it rediculiously easy to do. 2 BOLTS, thats it, pop that little retainer clip and the turn signal just flops out, I love it. My honda....have to pull the bumper, remove multiple bolts, take screws out of the signals, man handle the signals out, and man handle the main housings out. Me liking GM more and more. Also, just curious, i have noticed when i start it up in the morning that it clatters for a second or maybe less then it quiets right up... My father has a 2002 Tahoe and the dealership told him that a little piston slap on start up is OK due to there loose tolerances and the metal expansion of the rings sealing better when they warm up... Is this a normal thing for a 96 NS? It sounds almost like a rod bearing. When i let it idle, and stand next to the car, i can hear a faint sound of what appears to be a rod bearing tick or a wrist pin tick. It is silent in the car and goes away(or drown out by engine noise) when i pull on the throttle cable to rev it up out side the car.. What gives, any info is great. Thanks again

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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