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Video: Projection lights install.

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Hey all, I decided to make a very quick (1:04) how to video on installing the projection led lights where your courtesy lights are at the bottom of your doors. I'm including a pic so you know what it looks like done. I will try and do more how to vids to help others who think they may want to try it them self's. No need to be afraid. I always appreciated those that did videos on Youtube which has helped me out allot on doing bike projects, car projects, PS3 fixes, etc. Enjoy. Let me know if you all like it and want me to do more of led light installs as i go.

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Good stuff here, XTSVsportMan. Thanks for the post.
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You bet guys. Anytime.... :yup:
Thank you XTSVsportMan for this video. Just did it to my ATS4.
Thanks for posting that. I have a 2017 XTS. Do you have a link as to where to buy the insert/led light? On Ebay some say they are not compatible with the 2017 XTS.
No reason why they shouldn't fit a 2017 XTS. The same lights actually also fit the 2017 XT5.
Video will help many understand just how easy it is. I did mine last year, like the effect. I even put one in the trunk, nice effect shining down.
Bought a set for my 2014 and like them, I put one on all four doors and one in the trunk.

BTW the trunk light is the same as the left doors
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