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Vibrations thru gas pedal at bout 70mph

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While drivin on the highway my car starts to vibrate almost to the sense of a heartbeat , off n on every other second! I'll feel a lil rumble, then stop thru the gas pedal but crazily if I go bout 77 it will start to fade!!! I usually just stay at 67 so I can barely feel it n not get a speeding ticket either lol! Any help, I was thinkin wheel balance but I've had one within the last 3 mos! I thought I only need a wh balance if I get a tire on the rim , not just takin the wheel off to do the brakes or anything which is the only time I've taken it off! Thx for the help!
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I just came from mr tire, supposedly my left from tire is dry rotted n the rt front was driven on a flat! But the treads are still good so I'm wondering the sidewall being rode on affects the performance! Oh yea n there vogues , I know how u all feel bout then but I love the look! Not the price but the look lol! That's y I'm inquiring about there info before I spent 250+ on one tire!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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