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Vibrations thru gas pedal at bout 70mph

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While drivin on the highway my car starts to vibrate almost to the sense of a heartbeat , off n on every other second! I'll feel a lil rumble, then stop thru the gas pedal but crazily if I go bout 77 it will start to fade!!! I usually just stay at 67 so I can barely feel it n not get a speeding ticket either lol! Any help, I was thinkin wheel balance but I've had one within the last 3 mos! I thought I only need a wh balance if I get a tire on the rim , not just takin the wheel off to do the brakes or anything which is the only time I've taken it off! Thx for the help!
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I had similar issue, had about 35,000 miles on tires when the vibration began. had always rotated and balanced them, and they had plenty of tread remaining. all new shocks and struts too. tire shop could not get rid of vibration at 74MPH, finally at 40,000 miles I put 4 new tires on, problem solved.
I am no tire expert, but driving on a flat may have caused the steel cords to break. that will cause the tire to vibrate. I have had these problems in the past, tire looks great and balance on machine is good but has vibration when on car. problem is cord inside tire has broken.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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