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Vibration from Shifter

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Only have 900 miles on my 07 V6 STS and have noticed a vibration from the gear shift. Have searched the forums here and can't seem to find anything directly related, but maybe I am missing something.

Transmission seems to shift okay, not quite as smooth as my 04 CTS, but still quite smooth. The vibration in the gear shift only seems to be there only at idle and at very low speeds. When I held my hand on my CTS, it was as smooth as can be. However, the shifter of the STS is really vibrating. Once I get up to 20 or 30 the vibration is gone. There appears to be a slight vibration felt in the steering wheel as well, but it is much more noticable when holding onto the shifter.

Anyone else noticed the same thing?
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Never heard of it before. My 2005 is so smooth and quiet you can hardly tell it's running. Maybe related to something with the motor at low rpm or idle :confused:
I just had one of my co-workers sit in the car and he noticed the vibration right away. Also he noticed that my dual exhaust were both vibrating quite badly. Guess I am heading back to the shop for the 2nd time.
I just got my 05 STS back from the dealer for the same reason. They found the following problem: Found transmision suppport out of alignment. R/R center transmision support and realigne
I have a rough idle after coming to stop after traveling at high rate of speed (on highway). Dealer could not fix it at last visit. They did fix a tranny shudder though on light throttle driving, there is a tech bulletin out on this.
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