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I've had a few flat spot issues, but usually the car was sitting for a month plus.....all winter, usually.

Tip #1: inflate the tires more. If you know you're going to park it for awhile, put the tires at or near the max. At the very least, make sure none of the tires are low on air....

Tip #2: get some old carpeting, like 2 or 3 pieces, put them on top of each other, and park the car on the carpeting if you know it's going to sit for awhile. This can be very effective.

Tip #3: if all else fails, get the car up on blocks. You may not even have to get the tires completely airborne, just get the car up some, to take weight off the tires. Opinions vary on this, I've had people tell me it's bad to take all the weight off the suspension, and I've had other tell me that's bull, get the thing up in the air.

My Harley sits on a stand all winter, and I have had no suspension problems, having the suspension completely unloaded all winter.
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